AdonisJS v6 is coming soon. Get early access to the Alpha release.

December release - 2020

This release has been mainly focused on fixing bugs and making subtle improvements to the existing packages and API.


Upgrading dependencies

Make sure you update all the @adonisjs/* packages to their latest alpha releases. For example:

npm i @adonisjs/core@alpha @adonisjs/lucid@alpha <other-packages>

There are no breaking changes in this release, so expect everything to work smoothly.

Auth tokens Redis provider

We have added another provider for storing api tokens to Redis. This is how we expect you to choose between the database and the redis provider.

  • Use the database provider, when the api tokens are the secondary way of authenticating users. For example, You let the users of your app generate personal access tokens that they can use as an alternative to authenticate.

Usually, the personal access tokens are long-lived and are not generated in bulk in a short time and hence SQL database storage is perfect for them.

  • Use the redis provider, when the api tokens are the primary way of authenticating users. For example, You are generating them to authenticate the users of your mobile app or a SPA.

In this scenario, tokens are generated in bulk and will be expired after some duration. Redis is a perfect storage option here since it auto cleans the expired key-value pairs

The configuration for the tokens is defined within the config/auth file.

tokenProvider: {
driver: 'database',
table: 'api_tokens',
tokenProvider: {
driver: 'redis',
connection: 'local',

When using the Redis driver, you have to define the connection inside the config/redis file and reference the connection name from the tokenProvider.connection property.

Mailer classes

You can now configure/send emails by defining them inside a dedicated mailer class. This will clean up your controllers as you can remove all the inline Mail.send calls. Also, the self-contained mailer classes are easier to unit test.

Begin by upgrading the @adonisjs/mail package.

npm i @adonisjs/mail@alpha

The following steps are only required when upgrading an existing application. For new applications, the command will be added automatically on the node ace invoke call.

Next, open the .adonisrc.json file and register the mail package to the array of commands.

"commands": [
// ...

Finally, run the following ace command to generate a manifest file of all the commands available in your app.

node ace generate:manifest

After this, you can create mailer classes by running the node ace make:mailer command. Also make sure to read the docs as well.

New syntax for Edge components

With the latest release of the @adonisjs/view package, we will recursively scan the resources/views/components directory for .edge templates and make them available as tags. For example:

Instead of writing the following

@component('components/modal', { title: 'Want to continue?' })

You can now write

@modal({ title: 'Want to continue?' })

In this approach, the file name becomes the tag name. The filenames using _ or - will be converted to camelCase.

  • components/form-input.edge becomes @formInput()
  • components/user_avatar.edge becomes @userAvatar()

The components inside nested directories are accessible using the dot . separator.

  • components/form/input.edge becomes @form.input()

Other improvements

  • Add url validation rule to the validator.
  • Add updateOrCreateMany method to the has many relationship.
  • Add support for serializing the model $extras object.
  • Crash process on uncaughtException exception. As per Node.js "It is not safe to resume normal operation after 'uncaughtException'" and hence AdonisJS now listens for this event and calls the process.exit method.

Bug fixes

  • fix: convert milliseconds to seconds when passing to Redis. 501cc8d078
  • fix: ignore body when status code is 304. e2dac2060
  • fix: set correct exit code for the commands. 0047d5b72 . Fixes #119 .