Who maintains AdonisJS?

AdonisJS is an independent project created by Harminder Virk in 2015. The framework is actively maintained by the core team and community contributors.

The framework creator (Harminder Virk) is the project lead and works full-time on the framework.

The project is funded through GitHub Sponsors. If you or your business benefit from AdonisJS, consider sponsoring us to support the framework development.

How is AdonisJS licensed?

AdonisJS (the framework) and the official packages are distributed under the MIT License. In addition, the source code is publicly available on GitHub.

Is AdonisJS reliable and well-maintained?

AdonisJS is used in production by Marie Claire, Cleavr, Ledger, Cavai, Kayako, Renault Group, Zakodium, FIVB, and many more companies in varying capacities.

The framework creator works full-time on AdonisJS and ensures the framework is actively improved and maintained.

  • During the v6 release, we migrated to the ES module system.
  • Officially maintained packages have zero security vulnerabilities reported by Snyk’s security scan.
  • We continuously work towards writing better documentation, releasing new features, and improving the existing codebase.

Is AdonisJS fast?

When creating the framework or adding new features, we primarily focus on solving real-world problems rather than cutting down the functionality to make AdonisJS win the benchmark Olympics.

However, we look closer at the performance metrics and fine-tune the framework performance wherever it matters. For example:

Do you offer paid support?

Yes! On our website, you can learn more about the priority support program.

How do I stay up to date with AdonisJS?

Check out the following links to stay connected and up-to-date.